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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Retirement Adventures in the Upsy Downsy Topsy Turvy World of Mine! ..leading up to HomeOwnership!

Silly me!  I just noticed that I misnumbered the previous "Episode" post..haha! I guess it's my just rewards for being "cute"! The "Episodes" are now m-i-a and AWOL. Sigh.

The past month has been a lesson in patience...and we have tried to use our time wisely. Traveling by plane to Upper Michigan (the "U P") to relax and fish for 2 weeks was only one of the ways we utilized our time and our free mileage.  Little did we realize that the weather would remain pretty rainy as well as chilly! Fishing continued through rain and shine and the Colonel was highly pleased with his efforts as he pulled in many lovely Large bass, walleye, and northern pike.  

His eyes shone with excitement when he returned not only with his fish--but with stories of the American Eagles who would fish alongside the pontoon boat (barely missing the inhabitants of said boat!!).  I never had the blessing to see the Eagle-- but I did take a pic of their lovely DIY nest on the "big" island of our little lake.

We spent a few days at the flea market while up north and I found lovely pieces to add to my collections (or should I say my "hoard"--I really really need to let go of Stuff! or not be surprised if I trip over everything!!).  I will have to divest myself of a few items so that the new pieces fit in a manner that is un-trip-worthy. Wink Wink.

After returning from the UP...we worked at a dizzy pace to get Drs appointments, new IDs, and all the other retirement i's dotted and t's  crossed.  I was the Colonels personal secretary and Girl Friday as I tried to fulfil his requests with a light heart...though to be honest, I must say I gave him a less than cheerful "Yes Sir! Colonel Sir!" once or twice along the way.
Yes...I can be very sassy. I admit it. Poor old soldier.

Our next effort was moving our son to graduate school and helping to get him set up in his new apartment. The second trip (for me) the Colonel and I took through rain in a bouncy loud U-Haul van to deliver the sofa and other large accoutrements.
  Our bright spot was we looked like the Clampets driving to an induction ceremony the next morning! Lots of grins came our way as we stepped out into the parking lot with our Sunday best on.  We had a lovely visit and my favorite memory is of the Colonel and his son working together on putting a big box table and stools together (and working out the difficulty of poor instructions and missing parts). By the time we left our student-- I was more than satisfied (and happy) that we had helped to make Jon's first 1 bedroom apartment a decent home-away-from-home.

 Out his front door his new "pets" await to great him every morning: Huey, Louis, and they quack a loud "good morning" in their style.

Finally, somehow we made it to today. The final walkthrough done. A painter almost hired ($11,000!!!!! Really?!?--I am Shocked and Awed!) We'll hear lots of my "painting adventures" in an upcoming post--I'm sure! And now, as of 
Monday...we signed our mortgage and officially became HOMEOWNERS!
I am giving a big "Thank You Lord" for getting us to this day and to this home.  We have walked through a mess or two but have made it thus far safely intact!! With some lovely memories along the way! (Honestly... As well as some frazzled emotions).
So here we are...on to wallpaper removal and painting sessions!
Sorry for the long post--and the recycled pics (my FB friends will recognize many!).
Choose Joy my friends.
I am.

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