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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Breeze of Autumn to come....

There is something to be said for the quality of light in autumn.  The light feels brighter, shadows seem longer, the breeze is crisp and exhilarating.

The summer is almost over.  Harvests are coming in...though the grasses seem burnt to a pale dry golden wasteland.  My bag-garden has managed to yield a small crop of tomatoes and onions.  The green peppers are stunted.  Three inches seems to be the largest diameter harvested.  Cucumbers are almost nonexistent...I think we harvested 3 all summer!!  Early on, there was a handful of radishes--small, but sweet with a little bite! and a few tiny beets -- I'll have to start earlier next year!  Lettuces bolted once the heat set in, but until that time, we had young, tender greens.  Mmmm...very good!

Now we have a pint or two of cherry tomatoes left on the vine.  A bit sad to see my poor performing garden...but the tenacity of plants willing to grow when there is only hose-water (no way does it nourish like rain!) is inspiring.

This is always my favorite time of year!  It heralds new beginnings.  When I was young, school was a refuge and exciting time to make something new of myself.  As I grew older, I came to appreciate what the season brought-- parties, holidays, snuggling.  I'm becoming more introspective and am looking at how to enjoy the time and the solitude.  I'm finding courage to journal and express myself creatively through art and jewelry making.

Oh! and soon I'll be planting lettuces and radishes for a late harvest...

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