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Friday, September 16, 2011

Green food....GOOD food....made at home is sooo much better!

I don't know where I read it, but I found where a diet-author was a proponent for desserts!  Whoopee! Reading further; basically she was advocating eating in moderation any good thing you MAKE yourself!  Cakes are fine, after you beat them by hand....Bread is good, after you spend half your day beating and pounding the dough into submission (kidding)...the whole idea is, make it healthy, make it fresh, and make it at home. Then, eat it in moderation. Enjoy your life! 

I feel like I am on vegetable consumption overload.  My husband and I are ending the 2nd week of the South Beach Diet.  I miss fruit.  I have, however, enjoyed washing, dicing, chopping and and zesting with aplomb!  We ate a 'skinny' version of moussaka last night.  The top layer was a bit lighter (no heavy cream) and the cheese was almost nonexistent (didn't miss it though!).  The cinnamon and nutmeg with the eggplant was a lovely tickle on my tongue! The best part was my husband enjoying every bite...and he professes no love for eggplant. I'm dancing like I'm Rocky on top of the kitchen counter with my oven mitts over my head!!

2 more days til fresh fruit is back on board.  The cantaloupe at the market smells so fragrant from 4 or 5 feet away...AND cantaloupe is great for diabetics!  Oh! and I forgot to mention, my blood sugar has been in normal ranges since laying-off of processed foods, sweets, and foods high in fats!!!  I'm not missing the restaurant scene either!  Nothing beats home-cooking! (Now, to see if I can talk that man into making a meal! ---he'll have to wait to bake again.)  It's worth the time, it's worth the work!  Buzzz.

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