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there are so many areas in our lives in which we can get stuck...drowning in things, worry, anxiety. Here is my journey to live simply, with the fantastic freedom of 'less is more' as my mantra.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY swap...I'm IN! .....or am I?

Okay...I pay my $$, I make my cards....I log onto Flickr and get my photos posted...but then when I try to get to the original blog post about the swap...I'm stumped!  There's some kinda glitch that won't allow me to see the blog where I can be inspired!  I can't get back to it!  
I can't get in!!  
I'm feeling very discouraged..
and sad...

I was on it! 
I made the postcards....

I painted....and pasted...
and wrote...
I mean I got Started!

All of the lovely words..
and sentiments.. 

were good reminders of where I want to be
 right now.....

   If only I could 'get in'....

    I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall
  The brick wall..
Maybe it's the wall of China..

Hopefully, Not.

But here's the reality.
I go on a retreat.
I don't feel great, so there are a few times where I don't allow myself the time to spend getting to know some of the other people there.
I try.
I engage in what I felt was meaningful conversation.
Sometimes met with openness.
Sometimes met with reserved quietness.
Sometimes I feel invisible.
I don't want to feel empty.
I don't want to feel disconnected...
I'm still
and in that place I find I can still be 


I finished my cards!

I enjoyed the process of making them.
I'll keep trying to live the words I put down on the postcards.

Maybe I'll mail them to myself.
just sayin..


  1. Sorry you are feeling this, but you're in the swap and will get your 10 addresses this weekend. There is something wrong with my blog host, and I can't access anything either. I too am banging my head against a wall, feeling very desperate right now!

    Be well!

    1. Thank you so much!! I sometimes let things get to me, but know that I am still excited to participate! I'm still 'in' !! Blessings, fb

  2. Sweet girl you are never alone, never ever ever. Always remember you are loved so very much and you are never alone.

    1. and you my friend are close in my you are the person who inspired me to branch out and join 'in' by finding new artists and endeavors!

  3. LOVE IT FRANKIE!!! Miss you....I remember seeing you on the bus the first nite thinking, 'she's going to be cool and fun!" and I was right! <3

    1. I miss you too! and someday, when I let myself be myself....I'll be really (REALLY) fun...I just know it..