move forward, live fully, breathe deeply....

there are so many areas in our lives in which we can get stuck...drowning in things, worry, anxiety. Here is my journey to live simply, with the fantastic freedom of 'less is more' as my mantra.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sometimes I over-commit!!!

It's 10am on a Monday task-list is very long...TOO long.  I've signed up for all of these wonderful online courses that teach me lovely skills which I can use to make my life and art more creative and beautiful...but what crazy mental process do I use when I 'jump in with both feet' so fast that I forget to hold my breathe????  Aaaaaaaagh!  Here's what I'm in the middle of:

Letter Love with Joanne Sharpe 
Artful Alphabets--Joanne Sharpe
The Note Swap -- ArtHouseCo-op
The Chronicle Project -- ArtHouseCo-op
The Self Portrait Project -- ArtHouseCo-op
the Art of Wild Abandonment -- through Christy Tomlinson with Junelle
art of Wild Abandonment..

the earring supply...
making jewelry to sell in Oklahoma City

setting up and selling on my etsy site :
a commissioned project for diabetes education
work 8 hrs on paperwork in Antique Store every week
.............................all of this AND this Weds I go to a 4 day jewelry course (where I know nobody!!)and I have yet to pack my clothing, tools, and supplies...

Rattlesnake Ready...
and not inclusive of every day taking care of life spirit, husband, health, home.

This can cause anxiety to say the least...of which I really do not want or need in my life.  Now, most of the art/projects i can do from the comfort of my home...and some courses last up to a year after the original that is a do-able thing...I just need an adjustment in my "jumping-in-first-without-thinking" button!!  

It really is okay to not be in the 'middle' of everything.  It's okay to not to give so much of yourself to everyone and everything else that there's nothing left but a shell...It's okay to notice the little things around spend an afternoon with someone you love walking through an obscure Rattlesnake festival where the rattlesnakes are in absentia!! I think we can always find ourselves when we slow down and empty ourselves...of obligations, of anxiety, of guilt...Take the okay.


  1. Frankie.. wow you are so busy! SO going for it! I love you. I enjoyed hearing about your adventures. You rock sweetheart and lovin the jewelry your making!

  2. Mikel, you are so kind...I am trying to Be Brave and move in the direction I'm being led...though sometimes I do tend to overcommit! Your heart and your art inspire me immensely! Blessings, Frankie