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there are so many areas in our lives in which we can get stuck...drowning in things, worry, anxiety. Here is my journey to live simply, with the fantastic freedom of 'less is more' as my mantra.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Home again...home again..

My legs are creak-y today! So funny how driving in a car can get you so sore.  I can't imagine riding a horse through Texas...or on a buckboard.  Those were lovely conveniences of 100 years ago... thank goodness!!  Fun for a bit, but I'm glad it didn't take me two weeks on horseback to get to this retreat!

 I have just returned from Vivi Magoo presents Art Retreat on the Prairie.  What a lovely jewelry-making event! I took several classes from Deryn Mentok and one class from Diane Cooke...worth the drive? OH Yes!!
It was so much fun! I learned an incredible amount of little 'attention to detail' that makes a jewelry piece 'art'. 

 The retreat was at Rachel Ashwell's 'The Prairie' in Round Top, TX.  Such a lovely, secluded, peaceful site!  It was like going home.  My cottage looked like it was straight out of "Petticoat Junction" with a cistern looking like it would topple over any second! I stayed in the Bluebonnet Barn...though it had nothing to do with barn! Think shabby chic...think comfortable...think relax...

                  After getting home...and unpacking a little...I worked outside and put together an old iron baby crib painted white.  I have to figure out how to make a support for the seat so I don't fall through it!  But I'm looking to find a little bit of the shabby chic retreat right in my own backyard....when I get the wherewithal together I'll post pics...

....until's hoping that everyone finds a little retreat that makes them feel wonderful...even if it's in your own backyard!

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