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there are so many areas in our lives in which we can get stuck...drowning in things, worry, anxiety. Here is my journey to live simply, with the fantastic freedom of 'less is more' as my mantra.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Do You Listen to the little nudges of your Spirit?

Recently I read a post by a sweet friend...who seemed tired. She just wanted to have a pj-day...her little boy asked her to get dressed so she wouldn't be Hobo Mom...they say that "out of the mouth of babes comes wisdom"...well! That little prompt about Hobo Mom may not have been wisdom, but it definitely was an eye opener!!

I felt compelled to ask a group of friends to pray for this mom.  That she would find balance, rest, and take some time for herself.  This was a few weeks ago....and I was reading her post tonite and it seems she so needed prayers...and rest...and healing.

I'm glad I listened and acted on that little nudge inside of me.  And am doing so right now as well.  In taking my mind off of my own struggles and physical difficulties I am able to focus on someone else's needs...hoping and believing that my prayers are being answered.

I really think we should all get back to being aware of others and do what we can to help... this world has been in selfish mode too long.  Take the blinders off.  See the need and then without expectation or compensation.  You'll find you'll be happier. More free. Able to leap tall buildings! (Just kidding!...that's Superman!) Give it a go!


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