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there are so many areas in our lives in which we can get stuck...drowning in things, worry, anxiety. Here is my journey to live simply, with the fantastic freedom of 'less is more' as my mantra.

Monday, August 27, 2012

What sits in front of me!!

This is my personal bead mix...I am going to try to recreate a necklace similar to the one that I gave to a lovely lady who just seemed to need a blessing the other day!...
 Let's see what kind of a creation I can come up with.  As I put the beads together, I will be praying for some of my friends who are sick, who are lonely, who are struggling, who might be in harms way...and also for the Gulf Coast, that this weather will dissipate before reaching land.  Maybe that's why I pulled a lot of blues? The color blue always seems to soothe me.  It makes me feel more peaceful.
                                 Here's what I came up with:
 Well, it ended up somewhat similar...but a little different. (Of course I forgot to take a picture of the original! ...lesson learned!)  That is just fine though. It was what the recipient needed in the moment!! 

I think I like how this new piece turned out!! Isn't this a better outcome for me personally?! There are reminders of calm, of peace, of wisdom...there are mixes of cold metal with warm, soft leather. Mostly, this will be my reminder to pray much...speak less...give of my time...and to remember to be thankful for those who touch my life for moments or for years. 

Try to remember, that even when things look like a mess when it's all piled in one place....
It might be even more beautiful than you can imagine.

~Bee Fruitful.

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